【Name】:Emery roller rice mill machine rice huller

【Application Fields】suitable for family and small shop use
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Product Description

To separate the rice mill machine, besides from the outside image and the different series like the SB series, N series, combined series to suitable for different use and different rice, also the rice has long slim rice and round rice, for different shapes, we can also separate all the rice mill by the emery roller rice huller and the iron roller rice huller. 

The emery roller rice huller machine is designed with the emery roller inside, more suitable for the rice with long and slim shapes, while the iron roller rice huller machine is designed with iron roller inside for the round shape, as sometimes if use the iron roller rice husker machine mill the long slim rice, make make the broken rate a little higher, so we always choose to use the emery roller machine. 

Even in the rice mill plant, we always choose to set emery roller rice mill machine cooperate with the iron roller rice mill machine, to make sure the high capacity rice mill and small broken rate also make the rice more better and more standard. 

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