How to make the SB rice husk as an auto rice mill machine?

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SB rice mill machine is a combined rice mill machine with rice husker and rice miller, for the family use, a set of this machine is ok for users to deal with the paddy rice after threshing from the rice straw. then need users to feed the paddy rice materials in the hopper of the machine so that it can work. while SB-5, SB-10 model is ok for customers to feed the materials, while for the SB-30 and SB-50, machine is a little high, not convenient to feed by hands, so that need stairs or other measures. in fact, for the large model machine, we will advice customers to order an elevator together with the machine, so that can feed materials throught the elevator, and also can make the machine an auto rice mill machine

not noly for the SB modle, but any other machines with large capacity, can also connect with the elevtor to feed the materials, and machine help feed materials, also can delease the users labor time, and fast work to promise the machine work common material feeding so that can promise high efficiency work all the time, auto rice mill machine can help make your farm work easy and good use. 

auto rice mill machineauto rice mill machine

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